Nevato foot massager – NVF605 – RED

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Dimensions50 × 46 × 40 cm

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  • Luxury and high-grade ABS material
  • Dual disinfection of soaking water with UV and Ozone
  • The roller presses close to Solar Plexus acupoint which helps the body be detoxified NEVATO herbal bags with natural ingredients such as: ginger, leonurus, wormwood, ginseng, American ginseng, cinnamon, marjoram, mineral salts… A great ion supplement keeps the body healthy.
  • Smart controller with one-touch keys
  • Massage machine meets CE, RoHS standards for exporting to Europe and Japan The machine has been certified by the Vietnam Quality and Safety Inspection Center for electrical safety and safety
629 in stock

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    – Material: ABS plastic, 6 2D rollers, 2 toe massage clusters.

    – Designed according to CE & RoHS standards

    – The power cord and water outlet are neatly designed inside the machine, Convenient handle, wheels for easy movement.

    Technology: Elegantly designed electronic control panel, function keys integrated with touch screen control. Custom automatic mode to suit your needs.

    Function: Relaxing foot soak massage in many modes. Memorize massage mode, turn on and off timer

    – Special features: Disinfect and sterilize the input water by ultraviolet light (UV + Ozone) to help kill bacteria and fungi commonly found in massage machines such as:

    + Scherichia coli or dysentery bacillus

    + Staphylococci

    + Candida albicans fungus


    Ultraviolet rays and Ozone have the task of disinfecting, infrared lights help increase the ability to disinfect water. With 4 massage modes and 6 clusters of massage rollers and hug the entire soles of the feet, 2 clusters of toe massage and cleaning rollers. Smart water heating regulation mode combined with herbal bags containing herbs such as wormwood, ginger, leonurus, mineral salts not only cleans but also helps metabolism, detoxification, and blood circulation.


    Plug in the power source and put the herbs in the container

    Press the “STERILIZE” key to turn on the UV Ozone lamp to kill bacteria and fungi

    “POWER” key : Power key.

    “TEM +” key : Temperature rise control

    “TEM –“ key : Temperature reduction control

    “MODE” key: You have 4 modes to use.

    – “HEALTH” mode

    – “SLEEP” mode

    – “COMFORT” mode

    – “SLIM” mode

    “TIMER” key: Duration of using the device

    “MASSAGE” key: Turn on and off the massage motor

    “MEMORY” key: Intelligent memory storage

    Nevato - máy massage giành cho cả gia đình


    12 months genuine warranty

    NEVATO guarantees that the product is the same as the picture and 100% described.

    NEVATO guarantees to return goods within 7 days due to manufacturer’s fault

    Support repair – maintenance after the warranty period

    Product as shown, new 100%



    Health and beauty section According to newspaper about foot massage machine: Improve health with herbal foot bath massage machineHealth advice column according to newspaper: Herbal detox foot bath massage machine at home – Spa standard relaxation

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    Weight8.3 kg
    Dimensions50 × 46 × 40 cm


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